A major U.S. cancer centre has confirmed that women who obtain induced abortions are up to 50% more likely to develop breast cancer.

This study confirms earlier findings which put the figure anywhere between 25-50% (Interim, April, 1994).

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute conducted the study on women at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Centre in Seattle.  Though researchers claim the findings are far from conclusive, other studies have shown the link to be valid.

The biological evidence is that during pregnancy hormonal changes occur which, if interrupted, could lead to cancer.

“First trimester abortions appear to interrupt the breast maturation process at the worst possible time,” writes Dr. Scott Somerville who has studied the link.  “When the cells are reproducing the fastest, the risk that there will be an error in reproduction is highest.  Cancer results from cells whose reproduction runs amok.”

“Why have women not been informed about these risks so that they might make other decisions about unintended pregnancies and save their health and possibly their lives?” asks Anna Desilets, Executive Director of Alliance for Life.

Desilets points to the fact that breast cancer is rising by over 16,000 new cases every year and that its rise parallels the rise in the abortion rate.  The British Medical Journal published a similar study which found that there has been a 40% increase in breast cancer in Sweden since 1961, the year abortion was legalized.

Neither Planned Parenthood nor spokespersons for the pro-abortion lobbies have commented on the study.