The federally funded Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights has hinted it is time to shut down Campaign Life Coalition’s annual National March for Life.

Sandeep Prasad, executive director of Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, and Rev. Alba Onofrio, director of Soulforce, co-wrote at, a left-wing website that the National March for Life is “the largest demonstration against the right to choose,” and that though this year’s actual march in the nation’s capital was cancelled, they wondered, “what will it take to cancel the ‘March for Life’ for good?”

Matthew Wojciechowski, vice president of Campaign Life Coalition, told The Interim, that while not specifically calling upon the government to ban the National March for Life, “it is clear the authors are saying that the March for Life is dangerous and should be stopped.”

Saying that they were “confident abortion is not under threat in Canada,” Prasad and Onofrio said that abortion opponents also oppose LGBTQ+ rights, including same-sex “marriage” and bans on so-called conversion therapy, and “the right to die” and promiscuous sex-ed curricula.

 Onofrio, in his work with the Texas-based LGBTQ+ advocacy group Soulforce, has campaigned against so-called Christian supremacy “that is used to harm marginalized peoples,” including campaigning against abortion. Onofrio says that “anti-choice” supporters are more concerned about “controlling bodies by punishing people who step out of line with patriarchy,” than they are Christianity.

Prasad and Onofrio then note that several U.S. states and the Trump administration have been “rolling back (abortion) rights” and therefore there is no such thing “just a harmless march.” The authors add that Canada is “far from immune to misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia,” before quoting domestic violence statistics.

They call for people to support “reproductive and sexual health care, including abortion,” “bubble zone laws in your area,” and urge MPs to “protect human rights.”               

Patricia Maloney, who operates the Run With Life blog, wondered: “Should a charity that receives millions of dollars in taxpayer funded grants be in the business of advocating for the repeal of Charter rights of pro-life organizations?”

Wojciechowski said that Action Canada – which should not be confused with the pro-life Action4Canada – “used to be a collection of fringe groups … ignored by Canadians,” but “today, they are given millions of taxpayer dollars by Justin Trudeau.” The funding, Wojciechowski explained, “gives them influence in Canada and at the United Nations,” that they would not have otherwise. The financial support from Ottawa allows Action Canada to “rub shoulders with other globalists and cultural Marxists at our expense.”

Wojciechowski said it is typical for abortion advocates to “suppress the voice of the pro-life movement,” citing their support for anti-free speech bubble laws, harassment of pro-life supporters who demonstrate, and dismissing pro-life arguments as mere religious opinion. “They see the March for Life as a threat and since they can’t deny what science says about the humanity of children in the womb, and the inalienable right to life that all human beings possess, they go after the religious beliefs of those who oppose abortion.”

Wojciechowski said whereas the pro-life movement relies on grassroots supporters, pro-abortion NGOs like Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights rely on government largesse. Action Canada was formed in 2014 with the merger of the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health (formerly Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada), Canadians for Choice (formerly the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League), and Action Canada for Population and Development.

While Action Canada is a registered charity, it gets most of its funds from government. As Maloney has discovered, the NGO is earmarked to receive $14 million by 2024 from the Trudeau Liberals. Specifically, it received $232,834 in April 2017 from the Public Health Agency of Canada to support community-based projects “which address the root causes of health inequalities;” $3,101,379 over five years beginning in March 2018 from the Public Health Agency of Canada for a “social marketing campaign to increase STTI testing among marginalized youth;” $22,000 on October 11, 2018, from Status of Women Canada to lobby “to advance the rights of women and girls” at the International Parliamentarians’ Conference on the “Implementation of the International Conference on Population and Development;” $10,887,328 over five years beginning in January 2020 from Global Affairs Canada for an international project called “Rights From the Start” that pushes for legal abortion and “the fulfillment of sexual and reproductive rights in targeted districts” in Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana and Peru.

According to Revenue Canada, Action Canada had total expenses of $783,000 in 2015 and seven employees (four full-time, three part-time, with no one making more than $80,000). By 2018, Action Canada had 18 full-time and 10 part-time staff (with five of them earning at least $120,000), as it was collecting nearly $344,000 in government funding. By comparison, they raise about $349,000 in receipted donations.

In 2019, the most recent year for which data is available, Action Canada reported government funding of $980,419 or about 27.8 per cent of its revenue, and just $282,509 in receipted-donations, or about eight per cent of revenues.

But as Maloney has found, according to the Government of Canada Grants and Contribution database, Ottawa has given Action Canada more than $14 million in grants, including a single contribution of $3.1 million in March 2018, a year in which it reported just $344,000 in government funding. Maloney observed “the large discrepancy between what the government reports as grants to them vs. what they reported to the CRA.”

Action Canada is not only a registered charity, it is a registered lobbyist in Ottawa.

Action Canada is heavily involved in lobbying at the United Nations for global access to abortion – including maintaining an office in Geneva – and it also turns around and advises Global Affairs Canada, providing input on international development and population policies abroad. It has helped develop Justin Trudeau’s feminist foreign policy and urged increases in foreign funding of abortion after Donald Trump signed the Mexico City memorandum outlawing funding of global organizations that promote or commit abortions.

Furthermore, Action Canada’s 2019 annual report featured a picture of then minister for women and gender equality Maryam Monsef speaking at one of their meetings.

Wojciechowski says the taxpayer bankrolling of Action Canada has to stop. “The Trudeau government is using millions of Canadian tax dollars to fund an organization that in turn uses those funds to lobby that same government. Trudeau doesn’t need convincing on these issues,” he told LifeSiteNews.“This group should be completely defunded. Defund Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights – has a nice ring to it. Perhaps we should start a hashtag and a campaign.”