January 27 was the date and the University of Manitoba was the place where, Joe Borowski, one of the most upright pro-life advocates, met head on with the champion abortionist, Henry Morgentaler.

Lacking a chairperson this time round, the two men addressed a large student audience and exchanged their well established views. Mr. Borowski based his statements on established modern scientific and legally documented evidence. Morgentaler, ever eloquent rattled off the same tired viewpoints based on feeling and hard, gonadal logic.

The debate opened with a bomb-scare interrupting Morgentaler’s initial address. He then, of course, accused Mr. Borowski of the action, and true to his nature he threatened to sue Mr. Borowski for revealing that the Morgentaler clinics were little better than veterinary clinics.

Mr. Borowski did not lower himself to accuse Morgentaler of the libel in his bombing remark.