The nature of belief is very different from what we think it is. In fact, if we knew the limits of knowledge and the extent of human ignorance in the modern world, it would quickly shake our confidence in modernity.

Just to give you an example, I have heard many people talk about an unborn baby as “just a blob,” which can easily be disposed of. In fact, I once heard Dr. Morgentaler himself describe it “just a bunch of cells,” Yet when you look at the picture of a baby 22 weeks after conception (a fairly common time of abortion), on the front page of last month’s Interim, you see a fully-formed person no bigger than your hand.

By What process then do we arrive at what we believe? In the case of the “blob believers, “ they may be misinformed, but most likely it is a kind of willing misinformation, arrived at by a kind of willing misinformation which is unwanted and admitting only “facts” which agree with a desired conclusion.

To start with, “blob believers” never look at a picture of unborn babies. They screen them out by calling them “obscene.”  Such people, of course, never read the Interim. That’s only for “cranks.” And of course they never, never, never watch a film like The Silent Scream, where they can actually hear an unborn baby’s heart beating. That, they maintain, must be a “fake.”

Do not be too hard on these people, gentle reader.  We are all in the sane boat, one way or another.  We believe in what we want to believe.  It ‘s easy to convince people that infinite progress is possible, that the  State owes each of us a two car – garage                 and wages of sin is happiness ever after.

Infinite Belief

We are in fact children of an age of infinite belief.  We open the newspaper in the morning and look first to see what the stars foretell…..we  go out and do not walk under ladders…..and we are careful to stay in hotels that have no thirteenth floor.  We

Give up alcohol as unhygienic, but will accept a joint. [pot is good for you”]. We  believe unquestionably in evolution,  for which no proof has ever been scientifically

adduced.  But when a scientific committee examines a cloth said to be the shroud of Jesus of Nazareth, whose name is imprinted thereon by a process of photosynthesis

which can only be the equivalent of a nuclear explosion, and the authenticity of this is attested by 98 percent certainty…we pass if by with little interest.  No one talks about it.  It makes no difference to our lives.

What this means is simply that belief is a matter of desire, not of conviction in many cases.  In the case of the shroud, even though not completely proven, it is the lack of interest which is so significant.  To believe in the shroud is to believe in a God who does things like that may make too great demands on us…. Better to go with the two percent doubt than the 98 percent certainty, we think.

Flight into Fantasy

Once we see the tricks our minds play on us we can understand the reluctance many people have in believe hard things.  We do not want to face reality, so the best we can do is not to believe in it.  In so doing, we deliberately distance ourselves.  The hallmark of the late twentieth century is flight into fantasy.  But there is no escape from truth.

The truth tells us today that the deficit bubble will someday burst, that terrorism is becoming a state—sponsored industry, that nuclear holocaust draws closer, and that the growth of anti-life belief spells the doom of Western civilization.

On the other hand, the truth can also be beautiful. It is more beautiful than fantasy, just because it is true.  It has the pure hard glitter of the atom and the galaxies. The truth about life is that the nuclear family is the desired matrix of the human race.  All life flows through this channel. Life which comes from the Creator, is

sacred from generation to generation, from alpha to omega.   We can no more break this image than the neutron can break free of the atom.

For those who would break free, who would, in fact, believe in their own personal unlimited freedom to do what they like, life hold no future.  Already, mankind is committing suicide.  Whole nations have fallen below the population replacement level as a result of abortion, sterilization and the breakup of the family. In one hundred year’s time, the German Nation will not longer exist according to statistics

Mention this, and no one wants to believe it. But as the man from Nazareth once, the truth alone will make you free.