Well, she’s done it again. Canada’s mistress of anything abortion, Barbara Hestrin, has written another unethical swipe at those who oppose her means of putting bread on the table. I am talking of course of the former president of Planned Parenthood of Canada.

You know her as the abortoholic that runs the abortion mill at the Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia. (How’s that for a study in contrasts! A children’s health centre that sucks children out of their mother’s wombs!) Not to be outdone by this badge of honour, Barbara was recently presented with one of the YMCA’s “Women of Distinction” awards.

The resume of Barb’s achievements in the Vancouver Sun reads like something Attila the Hun would be proud of. Her “initiatives” include the availability of “morning-after pills” to minors through pharmacies, the new abortuary in Kelowna, and providing abortions to minors without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

You might also remember Barb wrote that wonderful little fund-raising letter for Planned Parenthood last fall, attacking those who actually help people keep their children from the clutches of abortoholics throughout Canada. I guess the letter didn’t make a dent and didn’t frighten enough people to donate to their worthless cause. She’s written another wonderful letter, again trying to raise money for morally challenged folks who just loooove abortion. Trouble is, the repeat letter just has a new date on it, May 2001.

Barb warns folks about the nasty pro-life crisis pregnancy centres in Canada who must be “exposed” for what they are – “a tool for those who have an anti-choice agenda.”

Barb once again creates for herself an ethical conflict of interest. She doesn’t tell her audience that she runs an abortion clinic, that she sets up abortion clinics, or that she’s a card-carrying member of a trade union of abortionists, the National Abortion Federation.

Shall we go through a list of the dregs that were members of the National Abortion Federation at one time? Shall we go through the list of those who lost lawsuits, due to their sheer incompetence, their butchery of their patients – all fellow members of Barb’s group? Remember Abu Hayat? He’s one fellow member of the National Abortion Federation who botched an abortion. The baby survived – minus one arm.

Let’s look again at Barb’s testament to possible donors. She writes that these “so-called Pregnancy Crisis Centres are harming women and children.” This from the lady who works at an institution where late-term babies are left to die after their abortion. Fifteen babies survived at her institution between 1995 and 1998, later to die shortly after birth. Barb’s buddy, Dr. Penny Ballem, once talked about the hospital’s “abortion agenda.” Is it late-term abortion? Eugenic abortion? Eugenic screening of the unborn child?

It is obvious that the thing harming “children” – especially unborn children – is not the local pro-life agency, but the kind of institution that Barb works for. How else do you explain an institution that, by their own admission, plays a significant role in “facilitating abortion throughout the province”?

“Stop for a minute and ask yourself – if your neighbour’s daughter suspected she was pregnant and was looking for help – where would you want her to go?” So writes Barb in her letter, with a tear in her eye, I’m sure. I know where I would not want my daughter to go. I would never want her to go to a woman who has such disdain for the truth that the stench of her conflict of interest permeates the air. She runs an abortion clinic. Of course she will oppose those who offer alternatives to her “services.” She’s a member of an American abortionist group that has had the likes of Abu Hayat in their midst.

But she doesn’t tell that to her potential donors. She doesn’t mention her direct involvement in setting up even more outlets for her “business.” She doesn’t mention her involvement with an institution that offers late-term abortions – a “children’s” institution that regularly sees children survive abortion, only to die shortly after. She doesn’t mention her membership in the National Abortion Federation, or that her fellow NAF member Bruce Steir was recently jailed for killing one of his abortion clients, not to mention the client’s unborn child. Did Barb never take an ethics class in school?