Black photography

When photo store developers saw Helen Burnie’s baby pictures in November 1990 they called the police.  The suspicious officers appeared on her doorstep wanting to know how she came to have a photo of a decapitated seven-month-old baby boy.  Miss Burnie explained that she intended to reproduce the photo of the baby found in the dumpster of Houston, Texas abortuary by pro-life activist Chad Traywick.  “We spoke about abortion and how they are so upset by photos, but not a bit worried about the real killing going on in hospitals and abortuaries,” Miss Burnie told The Advocate, the U.S. pro-life monthly where the photo first appeared.


Unsafe at any read

A recent study released by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) confirms what both opponents and consumers of pornography have long known: exposure to violent sexual material results in sexual aggression.  Armed with the new evidence, family advocates plan to re-introduce legislation which would allow the victim of a pornography-based crime to sue the pornographer.

Is anyone listening?

Big government-day-carism-quickie divorce supporters take warning.  A recent minority study released by the House Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families reveals the popularity of traditional views in the U.S.  A majority of Americans defines the ‘ideal family situation’ as a mother at home with time for the kids and wants a wide variety of child care options.

Long arm of the LAW

Last year data compiled by Legal Action for Women (LAW) was the critical factor in the investigation and inspection of every Florida abortionist; four abortuaries were shut down in that state as a result.  Now the organization has set its sights on all Y.S. abortionists.  LAW has already found, among other unsavory facts, that many abortionists have lost their licenses in other states for such crimes as malpractice and drug trafficking.

‘Industry’ set on self-destruct

Figures published by the Alan Guttmacher Institute (the research arm of Planned Parenthood) reveal that between 1985 and 1989, U.S. abortuaries declined by 19 per cent.  Dr. Curt Harris, president of the American Academy of Medical Ethics called the drop “a natural consequence of abortion itself since it’s not really a medical procedure.  It…runs counter to most physicians’ practices.”


‘The 1.57 shock’

Blame for Japan’s growing labour shortage and depleting pension funds has been pinned on where it belongs: a 1.57 per cent fertility rate drastically below replacement level.  “Having children [was once] considered a private matter,” said social Affairs head, Takujiro Hamada.  “Now we want to…spread the idea that children are the treasures of society,” he offered.

No blood for green

The powerful depopulation lobby is manipulating world-wide concern for the environment to further its own totalitarian agenda, pro-life Australian Senator, Brian Harradine recently told the Interparliamentary Conference on the Global Environment.  “To point the finger of guilt at the fertility of poor women is to set the stage for policies which discriminate against the families of less developed countries and to open the way for gross violations of human rights,” he observed.