The Interim began because we felt there was great need for a national pro-life newspaper in Canada to report honestly on the issues which affect us all. The media in this country are dominated by the pro-abortionists-with a few isolated exceptions-and it is not possible to rely on impartial reporting in any area where a pro-life view should be heard. From our first issue, the main objective of The Interim has been, and will continue to be, to keep our readers informed of all areas of concern for pro-lifers in Canada. We have kept you up-to-date on the Borowski case in Regina, the machinations of Henry Morgentaler in Toronto and Winnipeg, the mercy killing death of Candace Taschuk in Edmonton, the signature ad campaigns and the pro-life demonstrations across the country, to mention a few. We are the only Canadian newspaper to carry the full text of Ronald Reagan’s pro-life statement in The human Life Review. We have given you the background on the Planned Parenthood. We continue to educate on Natural Family Planning. This issue marks the half-way point in our serialization of Catherine Bolger’s important articles on euthanasia. You can rely on The Interim to publish the truth. Every piece is carefully researched and we only print that which we can prove. In our first editorial, March 1983, we stated: “the philosophy of this monthly will always be one of no compromise on abortion. All human life, from the moment of conception represents an individual, precious gift from God.

“ In the interim, until the law is changed to protect all human life, we will be here, always faithful, to champion the rights of those whose voices cannot be heard.” We need your subscriptions. Our price of 6$ a year is only that low because the work is done by volunteers. Our only costs, and they are heavy, are those of typesetting, printing and mailing. Many of you reading this now are doing so because it is being sent to you through the generosity of your local pro-life group. Many groups cannot afford to continue these mailings indefinitely. Take the time now to send us your subscription so that the work can continue.