As I sit before my computer, my files are thick with news clippings dealing with the media response to the stabbing of abortionist Garson Romalis. It was newsworthy, to be sure, and I was happy to see the same purveyors of information provide accurate info on the reward that Campaign Life Coalition offered.

Now, in the middle of all this, is the frightening prospect that the knee-jerk government of the People’s Republic of British Columbia will once again try to silence any and all political opposition to abortion. As expected, three ministries of the politburo met with those who represent B.C.’s growing and prosperous abortion industry: the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Women’s Equality, and the chief law enforcement arm of government, the ever-neutral Ministry of the Attorney General. Also present at the meeting was our favourite abortion industry mouthpiece Joyce “I’m-afraid-to-debate-abortion” Arthur.

It seems like only yesterday Arthur was defending the three UBC students who decided that violence was the way to make a point, so they trashed a pro-life display. I have ample e-mail messages detailing the close relationship that Arthur enjoys with Erin Kaiser, head of “Fascists for Choice” (there I go again – that’s “Students for Choice”).

Naturally, Crown counsel felt that charges in the incident where not in the “public interest” – that is, not in the interest of those who support abortion – so a court date for these fine supporters of democracy was not to be. As I’ve stated before, it has become painfully obvious that B.C.’s Ministry of the Attorney General has become horribly politicized.

A well-known Vancouver Province columnist has predicted that a new “Access to Abortion Services Act” will probably be introduced this fall. This new “bubble zone” law is expected to ban even prayer outside any abortion facility, and will probably restrict and curtail much public opposition to abortion in the People’s Republic as a whole.

But more on secret meetings. In one news clipping, Arthur stated that they had indeed met with then Attorney General (now Premier) Ujjal Dosanjh to discuss this issue. Now this is an interesting admission from Arthur. I knew of the previous meeting, having been tipped off by a sympathetic individual who actually believes in democracy. Now I filed a Freedom of Information request for information, and I was told no such meeting took place. Arthur toldReport newsmagazine editor Terry O’Neill that no such meeting took place – but she now admits to the Vancouver Sun that it did. Someone has an inability to tell the truth on this, and a journalist with integrity would probably have a field day with it.

Anyway, back to the secret meetings of the present. I wonder what they talked about? Perhaps the Attorney General gave pointers on the next co-demonstration sponsored by the Pro-Choice Action Network and Students for Choice? Perhaps the chief law enforcement arm of government gave tips on how to rip up pro-life displays without being subject to mischief or vandalism charges?

I’m sure Joyce gave the fine unbiased folks in the AG’s ministry her wish list of nasty things to do to the little old ladies that pray outside of abortion mills.

Stay tuned! The chief law enforcement office in the People Republic of British Columbia has declared war on those who oppose their policies on abortion.