Pro-abortion ideology is dangerous, not only because of its attempts to completely deny the right to life to one part of the human family, but also, because the pro-abortionists, in order to impose this ideology, are fully prepared to curtail the civil rights of everyone and impose absolute censorship in order to obtain acceptance of the ideology.

Examples of this have been rampant over the years:

  1. In 1976 the pro-life organization Valade Vitae ran an ad-campaign on buses in major cities in Canada. The ad showed a pregnant woman and read: “Unborn people have as much right as you do. Abortion kills. Respect their rights.” It continued with abortion statistics. The pro-abortionists campaigned against the ad which they called “shocking”. As a result of pro-abortion pressure the ad was refused outright in Toronto by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). The pro-abortion pressure also resulted in the Ottawa and Vancouver transit systems withdrawing the ads.
  2. In 1980 the Toronto Right To Life’s famous “Tommy Toy Soldier” poster, which has been displayed without any difficulty throughout the English-speaking world, was rejected again by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) because of the pressure by pro-abortionists on the grounds that the ad might make women feel “guilty”.
  3. Campaign Life’s highly successful TV commercial in March this year simply showed babies on ultra-sound, a situation occurring thousands of times across the country every day, was again the focal point of an attempt of censorship by the pro-abortionists. They alleged that the ultra sound ads were “psychologically abusive”. The pro-abortionists three times picketed the CHCH-TV, which carried the ads for two weeks. They also carried out a letter and phone-in campaign in order to have the ads withdrawn, or at least, prevent a renewal of the contract. A pro-abortion columnist of Toronto Star wrote a hysterical column urging readers to write to the TV station to have the ads withdrawn.

It appears that the more knowledgeable, effective and high profile the pro-life movement becomes, the more totalitarian the pro-abortionists are becoming in reaction. Obviously, their so-called “freedom of choice” only applies when they make the choices. The pro-abortionists are clearly extremists willing to impose censorship and deprive others of their freedom of thought, opinion and conscience and freedom of the press. Their oppressive attempts to stamp out any views opposing them give us concern about the future of a democratic society should they gain positions of power.