The pro-abortionists have always been incensed that anyone who believes in the protection of human life is referred to publicly as being “pro-life”. Similarly they have cringed at being called, what they are in fact, namely, pro-abortion. Anyone who believes in the legal and social acceptance of abortion, however, is pro-abortion, whether they like it or not.

In order to get around this problem, two years ago the pro-abortionists, using some American Madison Avenue advertising hype, issued a press release to the media requesting that henceforth they were to be referred to only as being “pro-choice”. (The “choice”, of course, referred only to the woman, never to the unborn baby.)

Thus by attempting to be designated as pro-choice, the pro-abortionists are carefully trying to cover up the fact that the choice they want is to decide privately whether another human being should be killed, something that no one in our system of justice has ever been permitted to do.