Just after noon on Friday, June 28, two pro-life picketers were attacked by abortionist Robert Scott outside the Morgentaler abortion clinic on Harbord Street in Toronto.



Provoked by the activities of pro-life counselors with regard to two approaching female clients, abortionist Scott (6’4”) rushed out the door and threw Fred Huston, a 71- year old man off the steps and onto the small crowd of picketers and pro-abortionists on the sidewalk. The abortionist then grabbed Godwin Cotter and engaged in a scuffle the result of which was an injury to Scott’s nose.


The incident was not witnessed by the police and because Scott was the only one to sustain injury, the two pro-lifers (both of whom were attacked first by the abortionist) were charged with assault by the police.


Charges are expected to be laid against the abortionist.