EdmontonHenry Morgentaler has finally lost a court case.  In what could be a crucial decision for the pro-life movement, a judge has partially ruled against an injunction in front of an abortion facility run by Henry Morgentaler in Edmonton.

Representatives of Campaign Life Coalition made the application, arguing that the language of the injunction was excessively broad and an intrusion into civil liberties.

The court had banned all pro-life picketing in front of the Morgentaler abortuary through a temporary injunction in November 1991.  With the May 3 ruling, a buffer zone of 50 feet has been created beyond which pro-lifers can picket.  There is no restriction on numbers of people and the signs they carry.

The regular picketers say they are overjoyed with the ruling.

But the victory came at some cost to the movement.  Members of Campaign Life Coalition were obliged to give an undertaking that no one would block the entrance to the abortuary.  It was this undertaking which convinced the judge to allow them the right to picket.

CLC had already won a variance of an injunction at an abortuary in Calgary.  A judge ruled there that four people would be allowed on the sidewalk in front of the abortuary.