British Columbia pro-lifers could soon have to deal with the same intrusions into their rights ass their Ontario counterparts.  The government recently announced the members of an “Abortion Access Task Force” which is working on ways to promote abortion in the province.

The NDP government has released the names of the six members of the task force.  John Hof, president of Campaign Life Coalition B.C. says they are all prominent abortion activists in the province.

“It’s like putting the fox in charge of the hen house,” said Hof.  “The contents of their report will not surprise anyone.”

He said the timing of the report in relation to the Ontario Task Group Report of Abortion Service Providers is no accident.  The B.C. version, Hof predicted, “will very likely be a carbon copy of those 46 recommendations (in Ontario).”

The Ontario report recommended, among other things, that all hospitals with ob/gyn services commit abortions and that all health care workers, regardless of their own personal views, make abortion referrals.  It recommended a multi-site injunction to curtail pro-life activities.  It also called for a compulsory sexual health curriculum in all schools including abortion education.  The members of the Ontario Task Group all had a vested interest in increasing abortion across the province.

Hof said there has been no abortion services in B.C. and called the current effort “a cold calculated desire by abortionists to do more business.”