The World Federation of Doctors Who Respect Human Life met in Zurich, Switzerland on May 18, 1985 under the name of Medicine and dignity of the Human Being and produced the following declaration:




  • The immediate fruit of conception is a human being, essentially distinct from the maternal organism.
  • Human life has consequently to be respected and protected from the very moment of fertilization.
  • The life of an unborn child must not be respected less than that of any other human being.
  • Deliberate abortion to resolve a moral, psychological, economic or social conflict is a violation of medical ethics and of the fundamental Right to Life of the human being.
  • The Statement that the child suffers intense pain during abortion must be taken seriously into consideration.  Abortion should consequently be considered as a serious attack on the dignity of the human being.
  • The timing of death for an ailing or handicapped person must not be left to mere human choice.
  • Respect for human dignity totally excludes active euthanasia.
  • Respect for human dignity eliminates all exploitation of human embryos whether for scientific or commercial purposes.  The mortal remains of an unborn child merits as much respect as that of any other human being.
  • Any manipulation of human genetics which is not of a diagnostic or therapeutic purpose constitutes a violation of the right to the physical and psychological integrity of the human being.




The World Federation of Doctors Who Respect Human Life asks all civil and ecclesiastical authorities in the entire world to think about these considerations and proposes that the first Sunday after Pentecost of each year be declared the DAY OF LIFE.