It needs repeating, no matter how tiresome it may be.  First: the battle against the Morgentaler abortuaries is extremely important.  Second: winning this battle must be seen as the first step in the larger task of stopping all abortions.  This, in turn, requires political action to undo the 1969 amendment when Canadian politicians legalized violence against the unborn.


The significance of the 1969 legalization of abortion cannot be over-estimated.  It introduced into Canadian society the principle that might is right, that the end justifies the means, that Canadians may kill innocent human beings for reasons of convenience or utility.  This principle can be, and sometimes is, extended to newborn babies, to the handicapped, the retarded, the old and the sick.  Consequently, the 1969 abortion amendment is an evil law, one whereby Parliament usurped powers belonging to God alone.  That is why the May 1969 vote in favour of killing the unborn, shocking as it may appear, was blasphemous.


Let us repeat, too, that legalizing abortion is not to be confused with the right of government to enter into war or administer capital punishment.  Both reason and Christian teaching have always granted society the right to defend itself against criminal aggressors from outside the nation, (even though this may no longer apply today if it were to be a case of nuclear war), or against criminals who threaten peace and good government from inside.  But there is no orthodox Christian nor general teaching which approves or permits the killing of the innocent.


Today, the Pro-Life movement must contemplate what kind of political action is needed to bring about change.


The New Democrat Party is committed to abortion on demand at both federal and provincial levels through resolutions officially adopted in its platforms.


The Liberal Party legalized abortion in 1969.  Its current leader remains proud of his role, as Minister of Justice, in piloting the 1969 legislation through parliament and now is committed to widening access.  In both federal and provincial politics there are very few Liberals who are really committed to the Pro-Life view.  They are overwhelmingly outnumbered by the half-hearted, the compromisors and the pro-abortionists – some of whom pretend to be sympathetic to the Pro-Life view at election time.


As for the Conservatives, one year in office in Ottawa has shown them to be virtually indistinguishable from the Liberals.  The Prime Minister has spoken of “better and more equal access” for abortions.  Recently, one of his veteran members, James McGrath, who believes abortion to be absolutely wrong, nevertheless let it be known that he is “tired of confrontation.  I am tired of the clichés.  I am tired of the intolerance and bitterness overwhelming both sides of the controversy…”


While politicians prevaricate, obfuscate and intimidate, over one hundred thousand unborn babies are killed annually.  Has the time not come for Pro-Life to wash its hands of these parties and look to new ways of returning sanity to society?