Morgentaler announced with great fanfare that he had officially opened his clinic in Winnipeg and that he was performing abortions there. This categorically is not true. No abortions have to date been performed in his clinic. Women have been seen going in and out of his clinic but they are members of the pro-abortion organization called “Reproductive Choice”. In any case, Morgentaler has made it clear that he himself will not be performing abortions, rather other doctors would be doing them (of course he no doubt will be getting a cut on the financial returns). To date, no doctor has been in the clinic.

Pro Life individuals, under Joe Borowski, have picketed the clinic with great relish. A trailer has been parked on a neighbor’s property from which Mr. Borowski and his family are dispensing free coffee, tea and sandwiches. The picketing has been non-stop since the alleged opening of the clinic and a hearty congratulations to the staunch supporters of life who go out to picket day after day regardless of weather.

In the meantime, however, the Manitoba League for Life had retained a lawyer, Mr. A. Kerr Twaddle, Q.C., to request permission of the Manitoba Attorney General, Mr. Roland Penner, who is well known for his outspoken pro-abortion views, to seek an injunction to prevent Morgentaler from operating an illegal clinic in that province. Mr. Penner refused to grant permission on the grounds that he wanted Morgentaler to be tried in the criminal courts by a jury. He said that the effect of an injunction as proposed, could well be, “that the essential issue would either not be decided at all, or, if decided, would be decided in civil proceedings where the right to a trial by jury, the presumption of innocence and the other safeguards for an accused… would not apply.”

The Manitoba League for Life in a News Release issued on May 13th, 1983, stated “The injunction could have stopped him (Morgentaler).”

It is our view that to allow someone to break the law in an attempt to effect change is wrong. That makes a mockery of the law.

It would appear therefore that the stage is now set for a jury trial complete with media and giving the pro-abortionists their usual platform. Under the Canadian system, twelve jurors will have to find that the accused physician performing abortions “on demand” is a matter of “necessity”. Let us hope that common sense, not pro-abortionists’ hysteria, will prevail.