A woman now in her 20s, identified only as ‘Kelly,’ appeared on Fox News’s The O’Reilly Factor to relate her late-term abortion experience and the emotional aftermath she was forced to deal with as a teen.

Kelly told host Bill O’Reilly that her parents took her from their Maryland home to Kansas when she was a pregnant 14-year-old to have an abortion during the 20th week of pregnancy at the late-term abortuary of George Tiller.

Kelly explained in graphic detail how she was forced to deliver her dead child into a toilet, an event that traumatized her and led to self-destructive behaviour over the next 10 years.

Kelly said: “Well, it was a five-day process. And when I first went in, they have counselling that they offered. It’s a group counselling with other women (who) are going through the same thing. And during the five days, they insert expandable whatever into the cervix to slowly dilate you through the five-day process.


“And about the third or fourth day, Dr. Tiller came in and injected into the amniotic sac a saline solution, which suffocated and burned my baby to death. And on the last day, they put you in a room with other women – there’s, like, maybe six to 10 beds in a big room.

“And every woman is lying there. And they kind of go down the line and whatever’s ready, you know, they decide that you’re dilated enough and they put you in a wheelchair and wheel you out to another room.

“And in this other room, there’s basically a toilet, and they told me to sit on the toilet, lean on the nurse, and push, push my baby into a toilet. And after that, they wheel you into another room, to remove all the, you know, afterbirth.”

Tiller is currently under criminal investigation by the Kansas attorney-general’s office for illegal late-term abortions and the concealment of child rape. He narrowly escaped indictments by a grand jury in 2006 in the abortion death of 19-year old Christin Gilbert.