Communist China has made a trade pact with Canadian business that will give every pro-lifer many a sleepless night.  The firm has concluded an agreement with the Mainland Chinese to market Canadian pregnancy-detection kits which will be “tested” on the people of China.

Quadra Logic Technologies Inc., a West Coast company, has joined the Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research in this venture.  A spokesperson for Quadra Logic, reached by telephone, stated that China’s first order from the firm for its pregnancy-detection kit was for 10,000 units – its latest order is for 200,000 – and that the firm knows the kits are being used in support of the Chinese Government’s “one-child-per-family” policy.  The spokesperson also said that the company’s activities in China (which also include the transfer of monoclonal antibody technology to that country), now localized in the Shanghai area, would be expanded.

New of the project was learned from the April 6 edition of The Globe and Mail. That issue’s Report on Business outline “Canadian Contracts and Projects in China.”

Joint venture

A recent Financial Post says that Quadra Logic and Hong Kong based Guandong Enterprises have signed a joint venture agreement to import pharmaceutical (raw) materials to Canada from Mainland China, for processing at a manufacturing plant in Vancouver.

What must galvanize Canadian pro-lifers into action is the knowledge that (according to Father Paul Marx, president of the Washington based Human Life International) 30 million abortions a year take place in Communist China.  (This would include those effected surgically and through the forced use of intra-uterine devices, etc.)  90 per cent of all surgical abortions are government decreed and enforced.  Uncounted numbers of sterilizations are also government coerced.  Infanticide is rife, reaching for 500,000 annually.  There is no reason for the Chinese to use such kits unless they are using them to detect early pregnancies, in order to stringently control the number of births through earlier abortions.  Planned Parenthood appears to be heavily involved in abortions in China.

It is open to question whether or not Quadra Logic is fully aware of China’s birth-control situation.  Presumably it knows, although one must, in the interim, give it the benefit of even a small doubt insofar as moral guilt is concerned.  But pro-lifers must immediately start an avalanche of phone calls and letters – and use all the legal means available – to stop Quadra Logic from exporting pregnancy-detection kits to China.  The address of the firm is 2600 Oak Street, Vancouver, B.C., V6H 3Z6.  The phone number is (604) 732-3122.  James Walker is president of the company.

Letters of protest against Quadra Logic’s sending of pregnancy kits to China should be sent to one’s local MP, to the Prime Minister and to Joe Clark, Minister of External Affairs.  The letters should be addressed to the preceding at House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6.

Nation of horror

The Canadian abortion scene is a minor side-show in comparison with the main event taking place in China.  Because that country is the first in world history to decree that all married couples must have a license to have a baby, it has become a nation of horror.  Even Ukraine, with seven million (at least) starved to death by Soviet decree in 1932-33, and untold millions of adults and children meeting a forced death, again by Soviet decree, and many (God knows how many) meeting death through the Soviets’ introduction of legal abortion to that country in 1920, has not been abused as much as China.  And the Chinese government has just announced a stricter “population control” policy.

The Canadian government has seen fit to condemn South African for far lesser evils – but, curiously, says very little about the inhumanity of the Soviet government and nothing at all about that of Communist China.  However, for some political leaders, trade means more than human life.

Our Government, instead of protesting to China, in the name of human rights, against its one-child measures – instead of offering millions of Chinese permanent residence on this country’s cast and unoccupied lands – is presently implementing an immigration policy that is selfish in the extreme – one, no doubt, calculated to keep the present government in office.

More immigration

Ukrainians in particular should mount a “Chinese” protest because there must be still some 30,000 Ukrainians living in and around Harbin, in Manchuria, China’s Northern Province.  The Communist government is not about to declare a kindly “hands-off” policy with regard to abortion the second child of non-Chinese families.

The Chinese farmer (most of the population is rural) has 4,000 years of agricultural experience on which to draw.  That heritage would stand him in good stead in working Canada’s lands, both good and marginal.  Our country’s standard of living would drop dramatically, however, present-day prophets of doom say, with the flood of Asian immigrants.  But the building of the Canadian Pacific Railways’ road bed, through the Rockies, by Chinese labor a century ago, did not weaken the Canadian economy – it enhanced it.  Why does our anti-population apparatus assert that an economic depression would result if we opened the doors to Asian immigrants?

Canada should lead the world in opposing China’s forced-abortion policy.  Presently it seems to be leading the world in helping to implement this horror of horrors in China – by permitting the sale of pregnancy-detection kits to that country – and by maintaining official silence about the gross violation of human rights there.  The Chinese have the God-given right to become inhabitants and citizens of this country and to help occupy our land to the limit of its potential.  They do not need Quadra Logic’s pregnancy-detection kits.

Father Eugene Rudachek is pastor of the Ukrainian Catholic parish of the Descent of the Holy Ghost, Behusedour, Manitoba.