Local press quick to put entire movement on trial.

At a recent news conference held by Choose Life Canada, Randy Dyer, a Hamilton area pro-life activist, asked members of the media, “Where was the call for the beefed-up security for my son, and the other million-and-a half of his brothers and sisters, who were killed by abortion?”

Dyer, had been interviewed the previous week by the Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Police, regarding the recent shooting of abortionist Hugh Short.

Dyer praised the police for their professionalism and the polite and considerate treatment he received.

But, he was quick to point out that the media, within minutes of the shooting, were interring that the pro-life movement was involved.  “It was not the police, who immediately jumped to that conclusion, but the media,” he said.

Dyer who was a musician, had just released a new album, Life is Life, shortly before the attack on Short.  One of the cuts on the album is “Infant 8w (Daniel’s Song),” a number written several years ago as a dedication and remembrance of a son Dyer lost to abortion in 1982.

The “executioner,” referred to in the song, turned out to have been Short.  When questioned by the reporters on this point, Dyer’s response was, “As a Christian, I have forgiven the man long ago.”

Reverend Ken Campbell, President of Choose Life Canada, also participated in the news conference.  He pointed out to the media that the bomber of the Morgantaler Clinic, whose identity is supposedly known by the CSIS, has been linked to leftist activities.  Why then should the media always accuse the pro-life movement of these violent attacks on abortionists?

Gloria Lawrenson, National Director of the Choose Life Canada, stated that she is “personally offended” by the fact that pro-life movement is being targeted in this case.

Gloria went on to say, “the pro-choicers have more to gain from events like this then do pro-lifers; they can use this as ammunition to force legislation silencing our protesting.