Since the arrest of the four pro-lifers in their homes and school many people have called and asked if they could contribute to their defense fund.  In fact, some have already contributed.

This has led to some internal discussion within Campaign Life on whether a defense fund should, indeed, be set up.  Over the last two and-a-half years, there have been approximately 55 cases against pro-lifers.  Many of these have been laid to intimidate and harass these “witnesses for life” who are being so effective at 85 Harbord.

It is not well-known that, at last count, Campaign Life still owes over $20,000 on past court cases.  Now, with the latest spate of arrests and upcoming court cases this amount is going to soar.

Campaign Life has now decided that the time has come to initiate a pro-life defense fund.  The money collected will assist these pro-lifers arrested for attempting to save unborn babies.  This will also assist Campaign Life.