Offering of Holy Masses nationwide is a sure-fire way to end aboirtion, says a new Eucharistic crusade for life.

Ten Catholic churches in Ontario have agreed to offer a monthy Holy Mass wit the specific intention “to end abortion.”

Fr. Stephen Somerville, pastor of Blessed Edith Stein Church, who will start it in his parish in December said that it will indeed be a great pwer for the movement.

Anyone can join in this effort through various means: by requesting one’s parish to have a Mass for the specific intention, arrnaging to have an advertisement converning this. Eucharistic crusade in a diocesan newspaper or other publications, giving love offering to the crusade, promoting the Eucharistic Crusade through the brochure circulated by Eternal Life in Kentucky, U.S.A. in churches, schools and Catholic meeting places in the neighbourhood, offering a Holy Mass.

Sponsoring the Eucharistic crusade of prayer is Eternal Life, a lay Catholic pro-life organization which calls Catholics everywhere to arrange for a monthly )preferably weekly) Mass to be offered with the specific intention to end abortion.

The pamphlet says that if the 50,000 acvtive priests in the United States offered a monthly Mass for that intention that would be “laying siege to heaven and end abortion in the United States soon.” Three photographs in the pamphlet layout enhance the message, that of Pope John Paul holding the sacred host, a priest about to givew communion to a girl, and two nuns kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament.

A married couple from Unionville, Ontario have requested pastors to consider offering the monthly Eucharistic Mass. They requested anonymity because they only want the crusade to be promoted and encourage others to make the Eucharistic crusade known. Their interest in the Crusade began in 1995 when the lady received a pamphlet entitled “End the Abortion Slaughter” with a parcel mailed to her.

“I felt the need to reach out and get Masses said. Sometimes I called the pastors first and explained what it was all about.Some pastors agreed right away. Generally they would go along with it,” she told The Interim

“The way that we are doing it is a soft, quiet approach. Slow, but one on one. It is going quietly and getting good response. We can do it locally where we can meet the priest,” she added. She tries to attend the Masses offered and after the Mass reminds the priest to announce the intention to “end abortion” in the next monthly Mass, if he had forgotten to do so that month.

The couple believs that the Mass will touch parishioners’ hearts, especially those contemplating an abortion. “Almighty God will respond to the prayers and find a way to do that,” the gentlemen from Unionville said. They said that they have been praying to God to show them and people how to do it.

They encourage individuals in their own localities to approach their parish priest to join the Eucharistic crusade. “That would be powerful and wonderful. Anyone can support from every aspect,” she said. “When you consider that some couples cannot have children for whatever reason and there are babies being aborted, it is important to do something,” she said. The believe that retired priests can actively help.

They also added that “it is a real blessing to have four children, all married, and six grandchildren.” They join a weekly cenacle of prayer where about six families participate. In that cenacle they include the intention of the abolition of abortion.

The pamphlet from Eternal Life calls everyone to “join a new Eucharistic crusade to stop the killing of innocent children… before it’s too late.” the urgent call cites the situation in the United States where the highest court in the country has recently ruled once again that women have a constitutional right to kill their unborn children, for any reason whatsoever. The president has abolished what few restrictions existed against the killing and has called for allowing the import of the French pill, Ru-486, as well as for allowing some misguided doctors to continue their experiments on unborn children.

The pamphlet explained that we may be entering a new dark age, “a time of government sponsored killing, eugenic experiments, and attempts to create a “master race” through selective breeding and test tube babies.”

“Abortion is a symptom of a larger spiritual disease in the world. Although it is also good to treat the symptoms ― by, among other things, political activity and grassroots anti-abortion campaigns — ultimately abortion can only be overcome by addressing its root spiritual causes. Abortion is a sympton of a monumental loss of Faith more pervasive than at any time in human history. America has become a society willing to sacrifice its own chldren on the bloods altar of lust and freedom of “choice,” it stresses.

Copies of the brochure can be purchased in bulk, 5 for $1, 10 for $2, 25 for $4, 50 for $6. For brochures write to : Eternal Life, P.O. Box 787 Bardstown, Kentucky, KY 40004.0