The April 1983 issue of Homemaker’s magazine includes yet another hard-line pro-abortion article. The column in this issue under the heading “Healthwise” was written by Naomi Mallovy, who tried to substantiate her pro-abortion position with wildly inaccurate and totally false statements such as “… an early abortion by a qualified medical practitioner is at least eight times safer than childbirth…” The article also supports illegal abortionist Henry Morgentaler and also states that abortion is a solution to child abuse, juvenile delinquency and inherited disease, etc. The writer of this column obviously has chosen not to take the time to do any proper research on the abortion issue. If she had, she could not in conscience have written such highly inaccurate statements.

Over the years, Homemaker’s, which is delivered free to over one million Canadian homes, has consistently pushed the pro-abortion cause. As a result, because of its one-sided views on this important public issue, it has defaulted in its public responsibility.

The advertisers know, or certainly should know since they place their advertisements in the magazine, of its pro-abortion policy, and they nonetheless choose to continue to advertise in it.

In a democracy, we are not obliged to purchase products advertised in this magazine. Pro-life individuals are asked to decline to purchase the products advertised in Homemaker’s and to write to the companies advising them of your decision.

In the March issue of The Interim, we included a list of companies with their addresses, which had advertised in the March issue of Homemaker’s. We have learned that our actions are having a very important effect. Please do continue in your efforts and write to the following further companies that have advertised in the April issue of Homemaker’s.

Name of Product                Manufactured by

Singer Sewing Machine The Singer Co.

Carnation Canned Milk Carnation Inc.

Aunt Jemima Syrup                   Quaker Oats Co. of Canada Ltd.

Colgate’s Toothpaste                Colgate-Palmolive Canada

Fisher Price                              Fisher Price Canada

Paragon China                          Doulton Canada Inc.

Scholl Foot Care Products        Scholl (Canada) Inc.

Covergirl Make-up                   Noxema Inc.

Catelli Plus Spaghetti                Catelli (Special Products Division)

Country Kitchen                       Canada Packers Inc.

Whipped Butter