Two very important events took place in Manitoba this last month.

The Manitoba Federation of Labour (MFL) narrowly passed a resolution demanding the legalization of all abortions—without any restrictions.

At their Annual Meeting in Brandon, the MFL attempted to include in this resolution a demand that the provincial government drop all criminal charges against Morgentaler and his clinic staff.

When it became obvious that they would not succeed in pushing through this illegal anti-life resolution, they quickly dropped all mention of Morgentaler and voted on a straight abortion-on-demand resolution.

After much heated debate among the approximately 500 delegates, the resolution was passed by a mere 57 votes.  It took three separate ballots to get the motion through and the media was excluded from covering the procedure.

The first two votes were tied.  According to pro-life delegates, the third vote would have failed if the pro-lifers had been given a chance to speak and if the executive had not confused the issue by clever wording of the resolution.

The Government Employees Union (MGEA) did a great job of fighting against the anti-life resolution.  However, the manipulated microphones and blatant floor campaign by the pro-abortionists made it impossible for the MGEA and others to get their message across.

My daughter, Debra, president of and delegate from a small section of the MGEA, was disgusted at the manipulation of the rules and the cheap political tactics used by the pro-abortionists.

Sad to say, a great working-man’s organization has now become just another vehicle for abortion.