The following is the first in a group of articles composing a brief presented by Mrs. Shirley Pennell and Mrs. Penny Costin to the Hamilton Board of Education on Tuesday, March 1st, 1983.

We are representatives of a group recently formed in many areas of the province of Ontario called ‘Parents for Responsible Education and Family Health’. The number of parents concerned about what is happening in our school system is rising rapidly, and enough of us now have been enlightened to the fact that sex instruction is only one small part of a massive bulldozer operation to convert North America’s public school system into a series of behavioral science clinics for re-shaping and restructuring the children into the International Child of Orwell’s 1984. You have been and will be receiving other presentations dealing with the marvellous things sex education was supposed to accomplish, and as well you have been made aware of the destructive ‘fallout’ on society because of the “sexual revolution”. So our presentation will address this question from an Historical Perspective. We will tell it like it is, we will give you no rhetorical philosophy, we will lay the facts squarely on the table giving you only a small insight into the research we’ve uncovered.

Sex education in the schools is not new. Most high schools have for many years conducted courses, which teach the biological facts of life. So why are professional sexologists sneering at these courses of study, describing them as “plumbing courses”, inadequate for “modern social needs”, proposing instead sex education for the “jet age”? Well, nothing happens in a vacuum, and the educationists’ sex explosion would not be taking place today unless a great deal of influential organizations and money were being poured into its promotion from somewhere. The perspective of our presentation to you this evening is to sound an alarm to all of you – that if you proceed on the course you are going, you will have succumbed to the manipulated brainwashing techniques and strategy of the Secular Humanists. If you take what we are telling you lightly and refuse to look deeper into the Revolution taking place in our schools, then you will have betrayed the sacred trust of the parents you represent and placed their children in an environment that is selling them into a lifestyle of perversion that enslaves and destroys.

All disease has a beginning. It doesn’t just happen. The problems we are facing today were started when a group of men and women who clearly knew where they were going and in which direction they wanted to move. They realized that if they could capture the minds of the youth of the nation, it would not take too many years before they could capture that nation. And here we remind you about the statement made by Kruschev when he pounded his shoe on the table at the U.N., “give me one generation of youth, and we will have the world… they will fall into our hands like an over-ripened fruit”. The programs in our schools today such as Values Clarification, Situation Ethics, sex education, certainly did not come into being by “popular demand”. Just as the particular situation here in Hamilton, and in fact all of Ontario, was preceded by a massive propaganda campaign through the distribution of a Planned Parenthood Brief “Adolescent Birth Planning Needs Ontario in the Eighties” to all school boards, members of Government, etc., so also for the past 38 years, and yes back even further than that, a very well planned blueprint – on a National and International level – has been unfolding – this blueprint orchestrated for the precise purpose of destroying Christian marriage, the family, and the principles on which our country was founded – one nation under God – principles for which many of our forefathers fought and died to preserve.