Adoption is very much a pro-life matter. An orphaned child, the child of an unwed mother who can’t cope, a foundling – all are children who, like any others, require a family, a mother and father, and a home. They require in a fundamentally biological way, a mother to nourish and care for their needs as babies – otherwise they will die.

Parents must love, educate and guide the infant child to become a good member of society. Parents are still needed. Without parents – children develop incompletely.

Without children – life comes to an end.

My godson is an adopted child. So is his new brother. So are two of my cousins. These four children are recipients of one of the finest gifts anyone can receive, and they have given love and gratitude in return for love, family and life.

Many people wish to adopt children, and it would be a mistake to believe only newborns are adopted. It would also be a mistake to believe that every child who can be, is adopted. In any case, the drive of this small introductory article is to rally the experts in the many Children’s Aid Societies to write articles and address them to this newspaper for publication. Many very important questions exist for prospective parents in our readership, and it is my intention to inform them about adoption and adopting.

For instance:

How do we go about adopting?

Who do we approach?

Can we approach more than one agency?

Can we approach two or more agencies simultaneously?

How long do we wait for newborns? Infants? Grown children?

What kind of problems can we expect?

What about adopting handicapped children? Where can we go to get advice about them?

Dozens more questions arise concerning adoption, but the main point to remember is that children are wanted. People do want to adopt.

And so, in this introduction, I once again invite experts from Children’s Aid, from private adoption agencies and the like, and especially from adopting parents, and adopted children; please write soon!