The Editorial

Our world is changing rapidly, yet the family is still the basic unit of our society and the mother is at the heart of every family.

Today, mother may be single or married; she may work outside the home, or be a mother who works in the home.  Whichever role she assumes, she is still the ‘crazy glue’ that bonds together all members of the family.

It is hard to think of something new to say about mothers that hasn’t been said a thousand times and more, and really, it would be unnecessary.  Repetition doesn’t make something less true, though it can make it less noticeable.  It simply emphasizes the truth.

Today, we salute the women who stand in for the mothers who cannot be there: the foster mothers, the daycare mothers, the nurses in children’s wards, mothers in group homes, aunts, sisters and grandmothers.

Let those who call themselves pro-life remember in their prayers the mothers…

…who were conned into having abortions;

…who had the courage (and sometimes support) to give birth to their babies;

…who gave birth, and then gave their babies up to other loving parents unable to have       natural children of their own;

…who have had miscarriages;

…who are pregnant and distressed;

…who are abandoned or divorced, and lonely;

…who are elderly and lonely.

For your love and sacrifice,

Thanks Mom.