The song of women exploited

An aborted baby won’t keep his mother awake at night … yet.

But how long until that aborted baby keeps his mother awake with the guilt and remorse for his death?

Abortion counselors downplay the psychological trauma, but pro-life doctors and women who have suffered the emotional after-effects of abortion confirm that the consequences are deep and long-lasting.

In March, the guest speakers at the Annual General Meeting of North Shore Pro-life were “Patty” and “Debby” of W.E.B.A.  (Women Exploited By Abortion), Washington State Chapter.  In quiet voices they discussed the circumstances of their abortions.

Debby had her first at sixteen: she had been married for three months and was forced by her husband to abort as soon as he knew she was pregnant.  She had her second abortion three years later:  she had been raped at work and was taken to her local emergency ward.  Both times she was told that an abortion was the logicl solution; it would be safe and easy and besides it wasn’t a baby — only a cluster of cells.

Patty’s story is similar, except that she became hooked on tranquilizers given in the hospital when she hemorrhaged after the abortion, went on to heavy drinking and just generally went wild for the next five years.  A year later, she miscarried her only other pregnancy.

How these two women, drawn together by their common bond of sorrow, grief and guilt, heard of the W.E.B.A. group in Everett and began working to help others who have made the same mistake, made an absorbing evening.  A colour videotape, depicting several other women’s stories, was shown.  It ended with the very moving (anonymous) “Song of a Woman Exploited:”

If I knew then what I know now,

You never would have died,

I’d have held you close and nurtured you

And kept you by my side.

I’d have sung you songs and treasured you

More than silver, more than gold

But this song is all I’ll give

To the babe I’ll never hold.

I’ve never written poetry that hasn’t been a praise

To the Lord who wept with me and held me through those days.

Jesus, now I’m asking, I know You hear my plea,

Won’t You take that child in Your hands, and hold my babe for me.

W.E.B.A. is a group with a special “mission” to women who have aborted their babies and lived to regret this “choice” bitterly.  They feel exploited by doctors who have them false information about the baby’s development; by their in-laws, husbands, boyfriends; by whoever it was who encouraged or forced them to get the abortion.

There are fifty chapters of  W.E.B.A. in the U.S., comprising thousands of women.  An abortion in the U.S. costs roughly $150 ($190 Canadian): last year, while there were 3,600 births in Washington State, there were 7,500 abortions – making abortion the fifth-largest money-producing industry in the State.

Patty had to have a total hysterectomy at the age of 23 because of the damage done to her reproductive organs by her abortions.  Both women said they felt that they could never “get the blood off their hands.”  Their children are irrevocably gone and nothing can change that, but they can and do help other women to come to terms with their own grief and guilt.

Peggy Steacy is the editor of the Surrey-Delta Pro-Life newsletter.