Over the past year, Canada has heard much of Henry Morgentaler. The abortionist has continued to champion the view that in order to be truly liberated, women must have the right to abort the children conceived within them.

As a youngster in Poland in the 1920s, Morgentaler grew up in a family where religion was relegated to the dustbin. His father was an atheist who not only despised the religion of the newly independent Poland, but also rejected the Judaic religious heritage that was his own. Here in Canada, his son has continued the tradition. Henry Morgentaler, a steadfast member of the Humanist League of Canada and a contributor to its publication The Humanist, believes neither in God nor in the immortality of the soul.

Believers, on the other hand, have no doubts about this conviction: a humanism that is closed in upon itself and that excludes God will sooner or later prove to be inhuman. Why? Because God remains the origin and end of supreme values without which mankind cannot live. Thus the 20th century has witnessed the sacrifice of untold millions of human beings on the altars of the godless: 1914-1918; Lenin; Stalin; Hitler; Mao Tse Tung; Pol Pot in Cambodia; and many others, right up to today’s Marxist-ruled Ethiopia. For over a century, we have watched the stirring efforts of various atheistic humanisms dilute the meaning of man to the point where some no longer dare to speak of humanism at all. Today, women’s liberation suffers the same fate. Liberation is a cause just in itself insofar as modern industrialism makes it possible for women as well as men, young and old, to seize new opportunities for personal development. But current liberation is radically distorted because, among other things, it is based on a profoundly mistaken notion of sexual freedom for women as well as men. Its claims to absolute individualism have brought Western civilization a holocaust of abortions irreconcilable with both religious and universal human ethics.

The religious of heart know that there are no solutions to human problems without God. Christians celebrate the coming of the Christ Child because they know that it is through Christ that full liberation begins: liberation from sin and from enslavement to Satan and death. This faith will carry us forward in the coming battles with the radical secularism that drains society of any reference to God. Legalized killing of the unborn is the secularist’s greatest accomplishment and the Christian’s greatest challenge.