Police in Dallas are trying to determine what role a doctor who gives out contraceptives, had in a sexual abuse case.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Dr. Andrew Burke has come under fire for his decision to implant the abortifacient Norplant into an 11-year-old girl.

Norplant is a highly controversial implant favoured by birth-control groups who believe in its long-term capabilities. However, there have been a rash of lawsuits by women who claim it causes fainting spells, irregular heart beats, exhaustion, hair loss and other disturbances.

The 11-year old was brought in by her parents to obtain the implant. Later the parents were arrested for sexually abusing the child. The focus was then shifted to the doctor to determine his part, however unwittingly, in the incident.

Under Texas state law, no girl under the age of 14 is considered “competent to consent to sex.” That led police and state attorneys to question:

  • Why Dr. Burke felt obliged to insert Norplant knowing the physical dangers the abortifacient could pose.
  • Why Dr. Burke wasn’t suspicious of these parents who were seeking birth control for their daughter who was a minor.


The incident once again brings up the question of whether the medical establishment or groups such as Planned Parenthood should continue to dole out contraceptives knowing the consequences which could arise.