Gilles Grondin, president of the Campaign-Quebec Vie, delivered the message on Culture of Life and Culture of Death before to top level French pro-lifers at an Alliance of the Holy Family International meeting in Paris

Radio Lourdes Pyrenees also interviewed Mr. Grondin in Lourdes and broadcast his message on the importance of protecting life at all stages.

Other speakers at the pro-life meeting included Father Stephen Somerville, pastor of St. Ambrose Church in Etobicoke, Ontario, who spoke on the Gospel of Life and the Communion of Reparation, and Leonila Regala, project director of the Alliance of the Holy Family International, who spoke on the thrust of the movement which has now spread to six continents.

It was a select group of 20 people who attended, the presentation, made up of medical doctors, including Madame Jerome Lejeune, the widow of a great pro-life scientist.

The Alliance team also met with Francois Pascal, head of the International Centre for Life [Centre International pour la vie] located in Lourdes, near the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Mr. Grondin began by referring to the Holy Father’s assertions in his encyclical “Evangelium Vitae” and elsewhere on any other occasions, that there exists a full dressed “Conspiracy against life.”  For obvious reasons of state, Mr. Grondin said the Pope could not be more specific.  He added however, that informed lay people have the duty to spread their knowledge of it and denounce it with all their force.

“I am here to give you tangible proofs of the truth of the Holy Father’s affirmations,” Mr. Grondin said.

The first proof, he explained, centred abound former U.S. Secretary to State Henry Kissinger’s memorandum NSSM 200 –Implications of the Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and overseas Interests. Everybody in the hall had made it known to Grondin that they were well aware of the contents of that 200-page tope secret document, declassified at the end of 1990.

Mr. Grondin then emphasized additional proof of population control programs, particularly as these became a military issue.  He said research associates recently provided him with a summary of studies undertaken in the 1980s by the Department of National Defence of the United States Government, stating bluntly that the immediate and urgent interests of the United states, [and of the NATO countries in general] required that the population of the Third World be rapidly reduced to a more manageable size, thus making sure that in advance of any eventual confrontation with the “have-not-countries,” the United States and its allies will be able to hold their own against the overwhelming numbers of their potential adversaries.

Indeed, a 1988 study prepared for the Defence Department’s Office of Net Assessment said the United States has to make a huge commitment of resources to “population planning.”

Population control has to be accorded an extraordinarily high priority in the national security agenda, the study concluded.  “A population control program is a key element in a larger strategy to curb the strength of the merging nations of the southern hemisphere, and as a tactic intended solely to inhibit the political and economic growth of aid-recipient nations,” it added.  Worse still, the report suggested that population control activities be given priority essentially equal to military and defence concerns.

Grondin’s expose was described as a “a real shocker.” Participants and other countries besides the U.S. gave serious consideration to population control programs.