Strident population control factions in the pro-planet movement demand further destruction of human life as a panacea for the woes of the world.  Their shrill voices can be heard condemning human babies in the womb, as they parade for the rights of baby seals, or snails.  The Pro-Life plea for respect for all life is lost amid cries for “abortion rights.”

Environmental groups such as the Sierra Club (which filed a brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to reinforce Roe v. Wade, arguing “if abortion were not an option, the strains on the environment would be even greater”) make their position publicly known.

The National Wildlife Federation has tried to disguise the extent of its abortion involvement, as reported in NRL News, March 1, 1990.  NWF actually supports restoration of U.S. funding to the United Nationals Population Fund (UNFPA), which  supports China’s compulsory abortion program.  NWF has endorsed bills to nullify the Mexico City Policy (enacted under President Reagan in 1984 prohibiting funding to organizations which campaign for legal abortions, or promote abortion as a method of family planning).  The Mexico City Policy does not interfere with any medical services other than abortion.  NWF misrepresents itself by trying to hide its support for bills that would reinstate U.S. funding of abortion policies, promotion, and lawmaking in developing nations.

Pro-life citizens should withhold their support, donations and membership from each National Wildlife Federation affiliate that has embraced the NWF goal of overturning major pro-life policies.  Information can be obtained from NRLC (202) 626-8800.

The League of Conservation Voteres and the National Audubon Society are two more environmental issue groups that are also lobbying against pro-life policies, supporting bills to re-fund the Mexico City policy.

Reprinted from the Pennsylvania pro-life monthly Voices of the Unborn, May 1990.