The Canadians went to Copenhagen and told the starving children in underdeveloped countries: “Take the Pill, then we fund clean-water systems for you to swallow it.”

What a disgrace.

UN bureaucrats are alarmed that the richer nations like Canada are cutting back on their foreign-aid dollars.  So they propose a levy on international transactions.  Just sit back and think about the kind of power an estimated U.S. $1.5 trillion annually gives to a handful of people.

UN policies have long favoured such groups as the International Planned Parenthood Federation.  IPPF’s “people are pollution” theme has come to dominate every single conference on poverty, the environment, international development and women over the last 20 years.

Through the UN, IPPF has handed out hundreds of thousands of defective IUDs (judged as unsafe and banned from use in North America), millions of condoms and pills.  Through UN programmes, thousands of undernourished, poor women have been used as guinea pigs by multi-national pharmaceutical companies testing such wonder drugs as Depo Provera and Norplant.

Through the UN, Western nations continue to send aid to China, completely ignoring the flagrant human rights’ abuses contained in that country’s forced abortion and female infanticide policies.

Proposals for an international tax were defeated at the Copenhagen meeting.  This does not mean the idea is gone forever, it merely means UN bureaucrats will be busy lobbying and rewording the notion until it becomes acceptable.  The Canadian proposal, which demands school- and community-based programs “on a whole range of health issues” passed, with only token amendments made.

Reform of the United Nations is needed desperately.  But the need for change goes much deeper than methods of funding.  We must resist any attempts to form the United Nations into a global government, accountable to no one.

UN thinking is saturated with the morally-bankrupt philosophy of the Western world.  Fortunately, the pro-life movement is mobilizing internationally and exposing the corruption.

A large contingent of pro-lifers from around the world went to Cairo last September, and worked with the Vatican and Muslim leaders to ensure that the anti-life forces were thwarted.

With each international conference, the pro-life network becomes more effective.  If Canadian pro-lifers had not been in Copenhagen, we would not have any information about our government’s actions.  The CBC does not want to know.

International work will now focus on the Conference on Women to be held in Beijing this fall.  It will be an uphill battle to stop the advance of the radical feminist, pro-abortion militants.  Fortunately, pro-lifers are used to uphill battles and, God willing, we will prevail.