Interim Staff

Pro-Life journalist Pete Vere, a regular contributor to The Interim, laid down his keyboard over the Labour Day weekend. “No, I’m not going to stop working for a culture of life,” Vere told The Interim prior to disappearing into the northern Ontario wilderness. “I’m just looking for something large enough to feed my expanding family,” he joked.

Vere spent the long weekend with fellow right-to-life activist Eric Moles.  Armed with a shotgun and a rifle respectively, the two men enjoyed their hunt for trophy black bears. Both also enjoyed the opportunity to sit around the fire, pray and discuss the need for today’s men to show leadership in promoting the culture of life and family.

“Eric was lucky enough to harvest a black bear,” Vere said, “but it’s the fellowship that made my weekend memorable.”

Since returning from the camp, other right-to-life activists have expressed interest in accompanying Vere on a northern Ontario bear hunt. He is now trying to organize a hunting party for next September. The week-long hunt would be organized through North River Outfitters about an hour east of Sudbury, or four hours north of Toronto.

The proposed hunt would raise money for The Interim as well as various pro-life organizations throughout northern Ontario. The hunt would include six days of basic accommodation in a hunt camp and five days of hunting. The outfitter will provide each hunter with two pre-baited, active baits. Each bait features a built tree stand about four metres high and 10-to-20 metres away.

Moreover, there is plenty of time during the daytime for prayer, pro-life discussion and fishing.

North River Outfitters averages three bear sightings per hunter, a 90 per cent success rate, and about a quarter of the bears harvested weigh over 300 pounds. While ordinarily limited to bow hunting, the outfitter will permit rifles and shotguns for this particular hunt.

“We need a party of eight to make this work,” Vere said. “So I’m hoping seven other pro-lifers will commit to this hunt.”

Vere anticipates the cost will be around $1,500 Canadian per hunter, once food and other sundries are factored in, as well as a proportion for various pro-life causes.

“First, we need to determine whether there’s enough interest among the pro-life community,” he said. “This ain’t your usual pro-life fundraiser.”

Hunters are responsible for bringing both warm and light clothing, boots and suitable outer wear for rain, large coolers for meat and hide, a flashlight, a compass, flagging tape, bug repellant, safety belt, sleeping bags or bedding and blanket, pillows, toiletries and an orange hat and vest.

Hunters must also be 16 years of age or older, and in possession of a hunting licence from their state or province. Interested hunters may contact Vere at or call (705) 257-8373.