On June 11, 1984 in the Toronto Star, an article stated ‘Computer victims take note.’ It continued, “The Consumer’s Association of Canada is looking for people who have been victims of computers. The association is looking at the impact computers have on people’s lives … what kind of problems have resulted and how widespread those problems are ……”

That short article gave me courage and hope to believe we were finally seeing the truth. If computer experiences can cause problems then how much is caused by experiencing an abortion?

To this day, I have never known nor talked to any women who have said that the results following an abortion are pure joy and recommend dedicated pleasure-seekers to pursue this experience with baited breath, yet somehow abortions have become a national past-time.

A Subtle snare

I fell into this subtle snare and head two abortions. I decided on the first abortion because the man I ‘loved’ suggested it. Having no personal convictions of my own, I capitulated to his request. However, afterwards I felt hurt and rejected and started to hate him and our relationship. I ended the affair abruptly and cruelly.

During the early part of another love affair, I experienced guilt because I hadn’t told my partner what I had done. I felt he couldn’t possibly love me as much as he did if he knew the truth about me. When I finally told him, his response dissolved all my guilt. He said that I had done my best under the circumstances and that having the abortion was certainly better than if he had to raise someone else’s child.

Two years went by and I saw myself very successful in my career and very much in love. Even though I was on the pill, I got pregnant. I was on the pill because I didn’t want to get pregnant at that time. That must made this situation eve more unacceptable to me.

This time I was the one who was more determined about my course of action. My partner didn’t want me to have an abortion but was reluctant to marry me. At that point I didn’t much care what he thought and proceeded with the abortion.

I wouldn’t have his baby

Much to my surprise, my mate was going through what I went through after my first abortion. The relationship went so sour I left him. Years later, he wrote my saying that he turned on me like he did because I wouldn’t have his baby. He felt I really didn’t love him if I wouldn’t have his baby which was conceived out of an act of love for each other.

Through the years, a series of broken hearts and broken lives have been my constant companions. We really are the sum total of our past experiences and what we have once experienced becomes irreversible.

Men and Women of Canada, let us no longer take the abortion issue lightly. Believe me, “the problem” will not end with abortion.

Break the silence

Shall we go down in history as the parents who killed their babies who then in turn gave birth to children who killed their parents?

To the over one million Canadian women who have had an abortion in the past ten years ad to everyone else who has been affected by someone’s decision to abort …it is time to break the silence.