The Knights of Columbus of the Monsignor Zettle Council from Cargill, Chepstow and Paisley say that it “doesn’t cost much to support the plight of the unborn and bring the issue to the attention of thousands.  It only takes a little time and a firm belief in what you are doing.”  They used the Greenock Township Homecoming Celebration and a 45 foot float to deliver their message.

The float was divided into three sections:  the first depicted a huge coffin with a white cross symbolizing the 31,379 babies who were killed by abortion in Ontario in 1982; the center displayed the Canadian and Papal flags (in honour of the visit of Pope John Paul II) and was occupied by many Knights in their official robes; the third one had children of various ages playing happily, listening to the music of Paul and Timothy, and supervised by a pregnant mother.  Certainly the contrast between the symbolic death of babies in the first section and the happy children in the third with the Knights of Columbus as a protective barrier carried a powerful pro-life message to thousands of spectators.