Two women bore children at the same time. One woman’s child died and she laid claim to the other woman’s baby. This case of disputed motherhood was brought before Solomon, the wisest of judges. Since he had no means of establishing who the rightful mother was, he offered to cut the baby in half. He depended upon the love of the real mother for her child. He was proven right: the real mother, willing to lose her child to save its life, begged Solomon to give the child to the other woman. Now these women were not pillars of virtue, they were prostitutes. Even so, Solomon was sure he could depend upon the maternal instinct to determine who the real mother was.

Without coercion or duress people consistently act in a manner which is in conformance with their nature. Childbearing is natural to women and it is the single most significant power that makes women, women. Traditionally, the most admirable qualities in life have been associated with motherhood. Throughout the ages, good women have been portrayed as warm, sensitive, loving and generous. The source of the qualities is of course the love they have for their children. The Scriptures even use this relationship as a fitting parallel to set forth the nature of the steadfast love of God. “Can a woman forget the infant at her breast, or a loving mother the child of her womb?” (Isaiah 49:15). Consider the case of a vile and wicked criminal, despised by society. On close examination we will find that if anyone still has any love or compassion for that undeserving outcast, it would inevitably be his mother!

If the life of one’s child were immediately endangered by some threat of violence, we wouldn’t look far to find a woman prepared to defend and indeed willing to die for her offspring. Even the humble partridge hen will offer itself boldly in an effort to protect the nest.

What then has society done to women that every year in Canada each and every one of some 65,000 mothers-to-be not only become unwilling to make sacrifices for the offspring of her womb, with the resultant destruction of her unborn child. Can we really believe that all this violence is actually done for women, or is it more accurately done by cruel manipulation and deceit TO women?

Women are victims of the abortion movement

As we have seen, the answers to these questions don’t adequately derive from the nature of womanhood. Are women now facing some very powerful and coercive external forces? According to individual case studies, a woman is often placed under unbearable pressure which can and does ultimately compel her to offer (to the system) her own unborn child as a living sacrifice.

Women are, however, beginning to see themselves more and more as victims of the abortion movement and are beginning to demand from society that dignity and respect that rightly belongs to those specially entrusted with the care and protection of the little ones they carry.