Organizers in Toronto and across the country are busy with preparations for the sixth International Life Chain, scheduled for Sunday, October 6 from 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

Sponsored in Toronto by the North York Knights of Columbus and Campaign Life Coalition, the annual life chains are powerful visual reminders or pro-life solidarity. Life Chains are being organized throughout Canada and the U.S. making it the largest annual pro-life demonstration in North America.

As in past events, participants to this year’s life chain will hold signs bearing the messages: “Abortion Kills Children” and “Adoption: the Loving Option.” Participants will be situated at major intersections throughout Toronto, to remind motorists and passersby of the continuing abortion problem in the country.

The Life Chain also aims to deliver the message that abortion harms everyone in society, especially women.

Organizers believe as many as 500,000 Canadians witnessed the Life Chain during the 1995 event.

Most participants take part through their local churches. Since August, members of the Life Chain Committee have been in touch with pastors and church contact persons to promote the event and to provide material for publicity and registration.

Preparations will continue throughout September and will include pulpit and bulletin announcements and homilies promoting Life Chain.

Life Chain is an effective method of delivering the pro-life message and organizers emphasize the prayerful character of the event. In a statement to pastors and church leaders the 996 Life Chain co-ordinator emphasized the importance of prayer to the success of the project. “The fight against abortion is a spiritual battle that cannot be won by human effort alone,” the co-ordinator said. “We must increase our reliance on God. Please prepare your congregation for an hour of prayer, repentance and reparation. We request that Life Chainers eliminate casual talk and pray instead.”

In addition to the insistence on prayer, organizers hope the Life Chain will lead some to a stronger commitment to the pro-life effort.

Additional information about the 1996 Life Chain can be obtained by contacting the local church, or by telephoning Campaign life Coalition.