The 36th Biennial General conference of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada was held recently in Saint John.  According to the Halifax Mail Star report of Sept. 22, the general conference voted strongly in favour of a resolution calling on the federal Minister of Justice to introduce amendments to the Criminal Code that would clearly define and restrict the meaning of the word “health” in section 251 to guarantee the right to life of innocent unborn children and to provide representation for the unborn on abortion committees.

The resolution called for abortion committees in accredited hospitals to be held accountable not to exceed the strict intent of the abortion laws.  The conference firmly opposed any legislation that would permit abortions in freestanding clinics.  A position paper has already been published on abortion.

The delegates unanimously adopted a resolution reaffirming that the Bible classifies the practice of homosexuality as a sin and that God is able to deliver people from the orientation and practice of homosexuality.  The resolution calls upon churches to develop and support outreach ministries to homosexual persons.

The conference took a strong stand against no-fault divorce legislation and the shortening of the separation period to one year.  It voiced approval of the expansion of marriage counseling services.