In France, a recently published book documents international traffic in aborted fetuses for scientific research and for use in cosmetics.

The Traffickers of the Unborn is written by Claud Jacquinot, a judge, and Jacques Delay, a journalist.  M. Jacquinot is the founder of the French organization, “Laissez Vivre” (“Let Them Live”), which published the book.

It has been known for some time that such a market in aborted babies exists.  It has been difficult, however, for researchers to pin sown the extent of the practice.  Cosmetic companies, in particular, have been very reluctant to let consumers know whether or not their products contain tissues from aborted children.

In a front-page editorial, L’Osservatore Romano (the Vatican newspaper) condemned this “satanic market of the unborn, some of whom were delivered pre-maturely.”