St. John’s on April 5, Good Friday, the sixth annual pro-life demonstration at the Health Sciences Centre of Memorial University attracted some 2,500 concerned citizens. The Health Sciences Centre is responsible for 412 – or most of Newfoundland’s official recorded – annual abortions. The demonstration started at 9:30 a.m. and lasted about 90 minutes.


Among the participants were many members of the clergy, Catholic, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Salvation Army and others. Also various other groups participated, lawyers, doctors, sports personalities, families with infants in strollers, senior citizens and many high school students.


The protest was first organized by students of Holy Heart of Mary High School in 1980 and since then the numbers of protestors has grown steadily. Two years ago the demonstration was reinforced by the St. John’s Right to Life Association plus students from other high schools.


We are really, really pleased with the turnout this year,” the Evening Telegram of April 6 reported Dr. Linda Hudson, president of the St. John’s Right to Life saying, “It’s really taking off. The turnout is a response to the growing awareness of our cause.”