“I’m here to warn and support you in that I’ve found abortion is not the answer,” keynote speaker Barbara Kolby told Moncton pro-lifers on Mother’s Day eve.


Ms. Kolby is a member of WEBA (Women Exploited by Abortion) and she told the crowd that members of WEBA are the voices of experience. “We are just beginning to speak out that society has to change its attitude,” she said. “They have to stop thinking about the quality of life and realize the sanctity of it. They just don’t find children valuable any more.”


Close to 300 people attended a rally and walk around the Moncton Hospital. Moncton Pro-Life president, Alan Hudson, was one of the pro-lifers handing out coloured helium balloons to the crowd. He said that this year’s walk was to celebrate life and thank mothers who have had their children.


Moncton pro-lifers are excited that Mother Teresa will be visiting the area on June 23. She is coming to Moncton as a guest of the Archdiocese and of the Catholic Foundation for Human Life. In Moncton, Mother Theresa will address a rally at the Coliseum. Her theme will be life, chastity and the family. Other speakers at the rally will include Joe Borowski, president of Alliance Against Abortion and David Little of the Catholic Foundation.


In addition to her rally engagement, Mother Teresa will attend a Mass which will be celebrated at Our Lady of Assumption Cathedral. She will speak on the topic “A call to holiness.” Mother Teresa will also take part in the dedication ceremonies of the Catholic Foundation’s new chapel and offices.


Mother Teresa is expected to visit both Winnipeg and Toronto on this visit to Canada. In Winnipeg, she will visit the convent established by her Missionaries of Charity. In Toronto, she is expected to open a new convent established by her sisters.