The Jury for Life postcard blitz has been a smashing success. On Monday, January 14, the count passed the one million mark and the Prime Minister’s office is still counting. New cards are arriving every day.


Interim spoke to Pat Soenen past president of the Manitoba League for Life and one of the four Ad Hoc Committee members who were inspired to launch this project. Mrs. Soenen explained that the original purpose was to counteract the media hype which followed Morgentaler’s acquittal in early November. It became absolutely necessary, she said, to counteract the notion that the jury’s acquittal represented Canadian opinion. The Prime Minister and the politicians should be shown a different picture from that presented by the media.


Another purpose, said Mrs. Soenen, is the educational message to the politicians that with the pre-born we are dealing with human beings. When the law is to be reviewed, the new law should make it clear that pre-born life is that of a human being which should have legal rights.

The three other members of the Ad Hoc Committee, in addition to Pat Soenen, were Anna Desilets, Executive Director of Alliance for Life in Winnipeg, Sue Hierlihy of Coalition for Life, Ottawa and Laurie Erb of Goderich Pro-Life.