Abortion propaganda in the early seventies used to fire off the slogan that only the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church opposed abortion. The last decade has proven them wrong. Abortion is a grass roots issue. It is also a Protestant one. Unfortunately though, the majority of evangelical Protestants have remained silent for too long. We have played into the hands of the abortionists. We have all too often abandoned the struggle (if we have engaged in it at all) to our Catholic co-workers. May the 80s be an awakening of the evangelical Protestant community.

In all fairness Evangelical denominations have made strong statements opposing abortion as compared to the liberal churches, which for the most part have actively supported abortion. Evangelicals have generally acted only within their own denominational limits and have not, until recently, entered the political arena. Individual ministers and congregations have reached out to individual women in crisis pregnancies. But in the face of such a widespread abortion epidemic a far more concerted effort is needed.

In the fall of 1981 a core group of committed Christians met to form a Toronto chapter of Christian Action Council with the aim to educate and motivate the evangelical Protestant community to greater participation in the pro-life cause.

Christian Action Council is a fellowship of Christians who desire to uphold the sanctity of human life from conception through natural death as the unique creation of God. We believe that the church must not stand silent before the rapidly decaying respect for human life in our Canadian society. The truth of God’s word and His redemptive love must be expressed and exemplified before one’s nation. We must testify before our legislators that God has His laws and advise them on specific pieces of legislation. We must educate local churches and encourage Christians to stand unashamedly for the sanctity of human life. And Christian Action Council is involved in a ministry to women with crisis pregnancies reaching out to them with alternatives to abortion, in the shelter of Christian love.

One of our major objectives is to establish a crisis pregnancy centre in Toronto. This centre would be a ministry through which local evangelical churches could reach out to women in crisis pregnancy situations. The centre would be staffed with trained volunteers backed up with professionals. At the moment we are investigating the possibility of operating a Crisis Pregnancy Hot Line as an interim measure.

Toronto Star columnist Frank Jones recently wrote, “Pro-choice is no choice without the fetal facts.” As our major educational tool we are showing a 45-minute slide presentation, A TIME FOR LIFE to interested local churches. This presentation is ideal for “covering all the bases”. It examines prenatal development, various abortion procedures and their risks, pro-abortion slogans, biblical perspectives and legal problems. Members from our speakers’ bureau are available to answer questions afterwards.