Friends of the Unborn:

October 1st, 1983 will go down in the pages of Canadian History as the day the enemies of the unborn were turned back. The people of Ontario set aside personal comfort and convenience and marched on Queen’s Park under the banners; “Defenders of the unborn”, or “Defenders of human rights”, or “Equal opportunity for all”. Tell the politicians and legislators, in no uncertain terms, that abortion clinics and abortionists are not wanted in Ontario, in Canada or anywhere else for that matter.

Nations have gone to war to defend human rights and freedoms which were threatened and violated to a lesser degree than abortion violates the rights of our unborn citizens today. The war we must wage is a war of truth versus deception. We are armed with facts and, collectively, we can and will be heard. Today is a new beginning, we will not stop as long as unborn children or any of our brothers and sisters are being denied their most basic right, the RIGHT TO LIVE. Evil cannot win as long as good people are prepared to stand against it; you make it crystal clear, you are so prepared. Today is a big victory for human life.

It is our moral and social duty to expose the manipulators who exploit and violate women and unborn children under the pretext of being humane. This is the real enemy, the phony humanitarian, the pretentious martyr who camouflages the facts and grows rich on deceit and human suffering.

Enemy #2 is the media. We have been witnessing a disgusting exercise in “mind-control” or “brainwashing”. We have been fed twisted versions of the truth, misleading opinion polls; we have seen the deliberate suppression of information about the real impact of the pro-life forces. Our tax dollars pay for a large portion of this fraud and for the human violations at the hands of abortionists. NO longer friends. We object.

This pro-life message is being carved on the steps of Queens’s Park today. The voice of the unborn is being heard. It will not be stilled or overlooked any longer. This is our promise. This is our mission. Today we have taken a giant step. What about tomorrow?

Tell the media no; “No Abortion Clinics!”

Tell your politicians; “No Abortion Clinics!”

Have your friends do the same. When you are all finished do it again and again and again. We will finish the job we started today.

Your reward will be knowing that down the street, out there somewhere, is a little boy, a little girl, who would never have made it if you had not stood up and said; “LET THEM LIVE”.