If you have given a donation to Oxfam Canada, don’t be surprised to receive a begging letter from Doris Anderson, a director of CARAL (Canadian Abortion Rights Action League). The letter solicits funds to fight for Henry Morgentaler and against the Joseph Borowski legal case.

Last year CARAL sent out a similar begging letter signed by Margaret Lawrence, a well-known Canadian writer, and as a result they received over $40,000 in funds.

From where does CARAL get it’s mailing lists? Campaign Life Ontario recently discovered that Oxfam Canada (whose purpose is to support those in need in the Third World) had exchanged its membership list with other “non-profit” groups, including CARAL and the NDP.

Ken Wyman, the Oxfam National funding co-ordinator, said there was nothing unusual about his “charitable organization” exchanging mailing lists with other organizations. He stated that it was no different from the Heart Fund trading with the Cancer Society. He also said that the fact that Oxfam trades lists with CARAL does not mean that they support it. He said that “Oxfam Canada has made no policy decision on the abortion issue and we do not provide support for either side in the issue…”

Despite this disclaimer, Oxfam (International) is listed along with International Planned Parenthood Federation as a source of “Funds, Supplies and Training for Pregnancy Termination” in Population Reports, Series J., March 1977, “Guide to Sources of Family Planning Assistance.” Population Reports is published by the Medical and Public Affairs Department of George Washington University and John Hopkins University.

Finally, Mr. Wyman says because some of their donors have expressed an opinion that they do not want to be on the CARAL mailing list, his organization is reconsidering this policy of list exchanges with groups such as CARAL.