In January of this year the Gay and Lesbian Association of the University of Toronto (GLAUT) filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission alleging discrimination on the part of The Mike, an independent newspaper, for failing to publish its “Homo-Hop” ad. (See April Interim)

The Mike had several discussions with a representative of the Commission, and after this discussion, an amicable settlement was reached in April and GLAUT withdrew its complaint. This so-called “amicable settlement” required The Mike to publish the “Homo-Hop” ad. Accordingly the issue of April 11 did carry such an ad.

What the episode seeks to show is that the Ontario Human Rights Commission is in favor of discrimination, that is, discrimination in favor of homosexuals. A newspaper whose terms of reference include the defense of Catholic values is required to violate those values by publishing an advertisement for a repugnant activity. In other words, we now have religious discrimination – an offence against the religious freedom promised in the Charter of Rights – being practiced by the Ontario Human Rights Commission.