It is utterly impossible for this group of homosexuals to get AIDS. The program they follow doesn’t require billions of dollars from poor taxpayers. These homosexuals don’t have to shy away from giving blood. These homosexuals don’t die from AIDS.

You’d think all the politicians, government flunkies, movie stars, social workers and media personnel would be running to see how they do it! You’d think that all kinds of ceremonial trees would be planted in front of city halls for this astonishing group of homosexuals. They’re all taxpayers even! But nary a tree has been planted for them. Nary a word of encouragement from the secular media. Nary an award before a sea of TV cameras for a group which has never fed from the government trough.

Who are these people? They are chaste, celibate homosexuals. The group they belong to is called Courage. They are practicing Catholics with a program much like Alcoholics Anonymous, made up of daily prayers, meditations, Mass – daily, if possible, and retreats. Courage recently celebrated three years of steady but unspectacular growth. Groups are now being formed in London, Windsor and Winnipeg.

The Canadian executive director – we’ll call him “Phil” – said that he attended a national meeting of Courage directors in New York August 13-17. One hundred and ten were in attendance. Colin Cook, founder of a Protestant Homosexuals Anonymous, also attended. Father John Harvey, the priest-founder of Courage, and Dr. Elizabeth Moberly of the Association of Christian Therapists, addressed the membership.

Courage has now been officially endorsed and chartered by the Archdiocese of Toronto. For more information phone or write Courage, 412 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 1T3. (416) 439-3070