As indicated in The Interim’s October editorial, the Ontario NDP will not innovate but, rather, intensify the anti-life mentality which already prevails in the province of Ontario.  Most likely it will broaden the attack on the moral foundations of the family in such areas as schooling.

For over a hundred years the socialist/materialist philosophy has called for abolition of the family.  Free love, common law marriage, divorce on demand, contraceptive practices and abortion were all promoted during the last quarter of the nineteenth century.  When the Russian Marxists, called Bolsheviks, seized power in Russia in late 1917, they were the first to incorporate these ideas into law (divorce in 1919; abortion in 1920).

Sweden was the first Western country to legalize abortion in 1937.  It took another 30 years before other Western countries began to follow suit, led by England in 1967 and Canada in 1969.  As secularism gained ground among the rest of society, so did its anti-life mentality with the consequences we know today.  The only difference now between the NDP on the one hand, and Liberals, Conservatives, Social Credit and Reform Party on the other, is that the NDP will be more aggressive and inflexible in pushing for the new moral disorder.

The commitment of the Ontario NDP to the philosophy that every woman has a ‘right’ to kill her unborn baby dates back to 1965.  In that year NDP leader Stephen Lewis was the first of Canada’s politicians to introduce a bill providing for such recognition.

Twenty-five years later, in September 1990, the same Stephen Lewis acted as chief political advisor to Bob Rae during the four weeks of transition from Liberal to NDP government.  He remains part of that small inner circle which will continue to advise Rae.  His wife, Michelle Landsberg, is the Toronto Star’s star columnist.  No one in Canada surpasses her in consistently vilifying the pro-lifers.

Other pro-abortion schemers such as Gerald Caplan, also a Toronto Star columnist, form part of this influential inner circle around Rae.  Rae himself, of course, needs little coaching (see front-page story).  Even if his pro-abortion zeal were to flag, the feminists around him will prod him onward.

What is well to note, however, is that any future battle between abortionists and pro-lifers will most likely play itself out in the  field of education.  In the words of our columnist, Judi McLeod (page  9) – brace yourselves!