Anti-family, anti-child pressures contrary to the good of our society and contrary to Christian and other religious convictions are mounting steadily.


In big cities low-income seniors, families and single parents are pushed out of affordable housing, especially in city centres, as older, low-rise buildings are demolished and converted into luxury apartments. Another trend favours “adult only” buildings, once again excluding families or single parents with children.


In the area of taxation, the federal government, in its new budget, shuffled the baby bonus, child tax credits and child tax exemptions in such a way as to reduce total child benefits by $ 555 million.


In the field of health, the number of family doctors willing to deliver babies is declining, both by choice and because of an increase in law suits.


The number of unmarried career women choosing to have a child through artificial insemination is on the increase.


In films and videos, according to Ontario’s chief film reviewer, violent pornography has become enemy number one. In public schools, anti-family, anti-chastity sex education is being imposed.


Even more far-reaching threats to the well being of our society come from proposals to legislate long-term changes in attitudes. In a newly published report, the Law Reform Commission of Ontario demands that artificial insemination, test- tube fertilization and surrogate motherhood should be accepted. Similarly, they say, experimentation with human embryos, commercial sperm and ova banks, and freedom of research in all areas should be approved.


Another legislative assault on life, child and family is being launched under the title of protecting sexual orientation: under section 15 of the Charter of Rights. While there is a difference between homosexual orientation and homosexual activity, there is no doubt that opponents of so-called “discrimination” against “sexual orientation” want homosexual activity recognized as a normal way of living and loving in society, equal to any ordinary marriage.


A recent consequence of this attitude in Ontario came in the form of an instruction forbidding Ontario Children’s Aid Societies to “discriminate” in giving children for adoption according to religion and sexual orientation. Thus, according to his instruction, placing Protestant and Catholic children with parents belonging to these churches as well as choosing ordinary married couples over lesbians and homosexuals, should be banned.


Let us not despair at the ever-increasing signs of moral decadence and breakdown around us. Instead, let us fight back. Let us fight on all fronts, in the schools and in the churches, in city hall and in the legislature, in hospitals as well as in politics, in business as well as in professions. Let us use skill, not violence; perseverance and patience, not impetuosity. Let us also not be foolish innocents who think the problems ill go away by themselves.


As pointed out in our April editorial, we must embark upon a new journey, a pilgrimage of learning how to survive and how to defend ourselves and our families, living not merely in the midst of growing decadence but even face to face with violent ones themselves. Let us shape our lives around doing battle. It is astonishing what ordinary people can do when they set their minds to it. Especially when they refer their struggle to Him who is the Way, the Life and the Truth.