In April of this year, the United Nations saw a protracted verbal battle between Canada, the United States, the UN Fund for Population Activities and their allies on one side, and most of Latin America and Africa and their allies (including the Holy See) on the other.

Fred Sai, head of International Planned Parenthood, an official at UNFPA and the head of the Cairo Population Conference described his goal as “moving the front.”

Sai and his organization see the dispute over population as one front in a protracted war to impose population control, abortion (both on demand and on command), and the rest of Planned Parenthood/secular humanist agenda on a world that is still resisting.

The proposed document prepared by UNFPA and Sai called for world-wide abortion on demand, even though more than three-quarters of the countries who are members of the UN do not have legal abortion on demand.  This push comes from countries whose government leaders are strongly influenced by atheistic values.  The resistance comes from countries where the government leaders are strongly influenced by religious values.

On what fact situation is the alleged need for population control based?  The case is so weak it dare not be stated in understandable terms.  Instead, they repeat the same tired slogans.  Whether the area examined is food, resources, energy, living space, population density and growth, species extinction, greenhouse effect, ozone pollution, quality of life, or any other argument for population control, examination of the facts establishes that the population explosion is all baloney and no bang.